Argentinian Steak

It is funny how different an Argentinian Steak is from you think. An Argentinian steak in Argentina is kind of a fast food at a parrilla in downtown Buenos Aires, or what housewives and singles cook at home before ordering online pizza. A steak is generally a concept of affordable, fast food in Argentine terms.

There are basically three names for Argentinian steak:

  • Bife (literally a “steak”), what is the less premium of all. It means the regular beef cut eaten at home, thin cut, when time counts. It was the most common lunch at home until the 90’s, now it has moved to dinner
  • Bife de Chorizo: it is the most popular Argentine steak consumed at steakhouses out of home. But it is not the king cut, it ranks well below other beef cuts like tira de asado, vacio, entraña, etc.
  • Ojo de bife: meaning ribeye, it is a new beef cut for Argentinian steakhouses. Rarely consumed at home, the ojo de bife is trying to make progress in the argentinian steakhouse menu.